Over 6 Million registered users! Play over 40 Multiple Map Stages and Game Modes for free! Customizable Weapons and Tactics! New Fireteam mode available now! Operation: Infected ship
Over 6 million European users have chosen this dynamic, online FPS! Combat Arms features mind-blowing graphics, a vast array of weapons and characters, and dynamic scenarios situated on a global battlefield. Experience combat that is more dynamic and exciting than you've ever imagined. The multitude of maps and stages in Combat Arms will never bore players. In One Man Army mode, you fight alone against the world, while in Capture the Flag mode, you team up to steal the enemy flag. Also, feel the excitement in low gravity maps where you can experience power jumps! In Combat Arms, each player can develop their own weapons and tactics. A wide range of customization, from ammo clips to scopes, is available for over 300 weapons. Tactics can be realized with the unique backpack system - this provides endless possibilities and roles in combat! There will be no warning! Fight against the Infected in the Fireteam mission. Soldiers, you have survived countless waves of infected monsters in Cabin Fever and Black Lung. It is time to stand arm in arm with your fellow soldiers against the Infected once again. Search the infected ship for the VIRUS sample while fighting against the Infected.
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